I'm Bonnie Wirth. I support women to transform their life in a way that that honours their TRUE SELF – spirit, mind and body – healing core wounds and trauma by freeing the way for spiritual, physical, emotional and mental well-being with genuine love and deep compassion.

Specializing in heart-centered living, my work complements mainstream medicine by teaching others how to create a healthy relationship with spirit and themselves. I support my community to get in contact with their true authentic self. I guide those in need towards a truly holistic and deeply transformative experience back to wholeness; to live authentically and with Soulful purpose.

The stories we tell ourselves can sound remarkable -  they can also be the very thing that is holding us back from living the life we truly crave.

They have a tendancy to keep us stuck in the past, living in limbo, repeating experiences and causing us to be believe we are unworthy of anything more.


Our stories solidify our beliefs - whether they healthy beliefs or not, in ourselves and what is possible for our life. They fuel every decision we make and more often then not, lead us to be trapped by our fears and self-imposed limitation.


Our stories affect the quality of our life experiences and what manifests. The Universe is always listening to the stories we tell.


No matter what story you’re living out – I will help you shift your relationship with life so that you can be more empowered, present, and purposeful.





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